Quality Standards

With the strong competition in the Palestinian markets in particular and the world in general in the food industry section , the "quality" of products represent the mainstay in the industry, therefore our factory seeks to develop and improve the quality of its products so that we can convince our customers that we are the best. Because our future vision is manufacturing Palestinian product that can compete in the Palestinian market and meets all the national, social and health requirements. Our role is to:

- Receive raw materials and verify that it meets the factory’s specifications. Because the final product quality is greatly affected by the quality of raw materials used in manufacturing, there are strict controls by the quality department to accept raw materials.

- Follow the product during manufacturing to ensure the safety and accuracy of manufacturing steps and the possibility of solving any problem before it gets worse.

- Verifying the integrity and quality of the final product through physical and chemical and micro-biological analyses and make sure they conform to specifications.

- Monitor storage conditions (temperature - relative humidity) for each plant facilities from raw materials warehouses and the final product to packing and production halls.

- Follow the cleanliness of workers, which is considered one of the basic things that are reflected on the quality of the products. This is done by following the personal hygiene of workers and their commitment to the requirements of private health food workers.

- Voluntary compliance with the legislation and laws and follow quality assurance procedures by preparing integrated strategy for effective food control.

- Provide good information due to the increasing consumer awareness of food safety issues.
- Daily monitoring of production lines, machines, floors, walls and toilets cleanliness in order to avoid any microbial contamination.

- Follow-up insect and rodent control with contracting companies and submits periodic reports on their performance in order to ensure that the environment is clean and free of insects inside the factories.

-To ensure the accessibility of products by the company's customers, the quality Assurance department follow-up transport vehicles and ensure their suitability for the transport of refrigerated products in order to avoid the occurrence of any microbial contamination during transport. This is done by following-up hygiene and temperature factors inside transport vehicles.

- Follow up customer complaints by making visits to their warehouses for the purpose of verifying it and then take the necessary measures.