About Pinar

Al Pinar General Trading Company is a leading Palestinian Company located in Al Bireh Industrial zone was established in 1999 as family business and later in 2006 was acquired by group of young entrepreneurs’ investors and became Partnership ltd Company

It has been involved in the food industry particularly in manufacturing and distributing dairy products (35 products under 5 major categories) in the West bank and Gaza

Al Pinar has developed several recipes for its products with various sizes to meet and satisfy consumers’ demands and tastes. They include Lebenh, Yogurt, Cheese, Fresh up and High Fresh and flavored yogurt

Al Pinar intended to market and distributes its product in in the west bank and Gaza. Special attention has been given to developing an attractive label that will stress the gourmet/specialty nature of the products.

Al Pinar has built its own distribution channel and fleet to cover the intended market effectively and efficiently.

Financial analyses will show that the company will have profit in the coming years starting 2011year. The expected return on equity in 2011 is 7% and 23%by 2016

Mission Statement

Al Pinar commits itself to produce a high quality and healthy products in an environmentally and socially sound and responsible manner along with providing an excellent customer service


To have and own state of the art Dairy manufacturing facilities in Palestine Become a market leader in customer satisfaction and capture 30-40% market share by 2016